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ILC eNergy’s mission is to play an integral part in developing the world's liberalised energy markets. As a dedicated energy trading company, we challenge market inefficiencies and bring competitiveness, liquidity and transparency to wholesale energy markets.


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With our trading skills we help energy producers, suppliers, intermediaries, and large consumers to navigate the volatile electricity markets.


We offer the best service with knowledge base solutions.

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Our product range includes transparency and continuous monitoring.

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Natural GAS consumption in EU 2020 (bcm)
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Electricity consumption in EU 2020 (TWH)
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Consumers in energy market in EU 2020 (Million)
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Target for renewable energy in the European Union until 2030
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We Offer a Wide
Variety of Energy Services


Professional electricity trading and balancing in the ENTSO-E system.

Natural Gas

We help change the way gas is bought and sold in Europe.


With our added value and wide range of trading capabilities, we would be the standard of our common success.

IT Development

Special IT solutions make the workflow easier. We make the job easier with IT solutions.

IT Consultancy

How can you be better in the market? We help you with proper data analysis and process indicator systems.


Trade allows new technologies to move more freely around the world, benefitting more firms and more people.

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945 01 Komárno Slovakia, Hradná str. 9/2

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